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  • April 23, 2015

    New Autumn Swansen video added – RIPPED LEGS MUSCLES! On the Stunning and SHREDDED Autumn Swansen page, you’ll...

  • April 19, 2015

    SEXY LEGS and ABS! – Today on the Fashion Island shoot page, we added a new video of...

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  • Date Added: 4/23/2015
    Autumn Swansen working her powerful legs in the gym (1:29)
    Date Added: 4/19/2015
    Showing off some washboard abs, and legs, on a sunny day - lean and mean! (1:35)
    Date Added: 4/15/2015
    The incredible and powerful Autumn Swansen easily doing tons of pullups - impressive!
    Date Added: 4/12/2015
    Hanna shows off her UNREAL ripped triceps and biceps at Laguna Beach! (1:16)
  • Date Added: 4/10/2015
    Tanya working those big legs at Iron Gym - SEXY MUSCLE!
    Date Added: 4/06/2015
    Autumn Swansen, 2015 STL Pro Champ, flexing her biceps, back, & more in absolutely RIPPED shape! (1:28)
    Date Added: 4/01/2015
    Here's a tremendous clip of biceps curls then SEXY flexing! (1:22)
    Date Added: 3/29/2015
    Autumn Swansen works her stunning muscular legs - JOIN TanyaFitness for much more Autumn! (1:14)
  • Date Added: 3/26/2015
    Shannon Courtney works her ENORMOUS Gargantuan LEGS at Iron Gym (1:14)
    Date Added: 3/23/2015
    A stunning clip of the amazing Heather Armbrust's perfect body - Join TanyaFitness.com today for her amazing MUSCLES!
    Date Added: 3/20/2015
    WOW - ever seen abs like that? Autumn is impressive! Get this hot vid by joining TF today!
    Date Added: 3/17/2015
    HOT Autumn Swansen posing clip! Join TanyaFitness now for only the best in female muscle! (1:04)
  • Date Added: 3/17/2015
    Autumn's legs are just as stunning as her amazing upper body - watch them work! (2:00)
    Date Added: 3/14/2015
    One of the most complete and perfect physiques you'll ever see - WOW, Autumn! (1:06)
    Date Added: 3/14/2015
    165 lbs of rock hard muscle! Tanya bigger and better than ever! (1:16)
    Date Added: 3/11/2015
    After working leg extensions, I flex the BTM's, over 24" now and growing. Calves too! (1:12)
  • Date Added: 3/08/2015
    The incredible, unbelievable, & perfectly shaped arms of Autumn Swansen - JOIN TanyaFitness for tons more on the way!
    Date Added: 3/08/2015
    Flexing some serious quads at Ft. Lauderdale beach on VERY windy day. The "BTM's"
    Date Added: 3/05/2015
    New Guest Model, Autumn Swansen, and her RIDICULOUS biceps! - Join TanyaFitness today for the BEST muscle girls around!
    Date Added: 3/05/2015
    Shannon Courtney pounding out the reps with her HUGE legs! JOIN TanyaFitness.com today!