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  • July 31, 2014

    Hey everybody – Today I added a new gallery of my hot Thong Bikini at Laguna Beach shoot,...

  • July 28, 2014

    Today I added a new video of Shannon Courtney pumping and flexing her enormous quads and calves during...

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  • Date Added: 7/31/2014
    Some sexy biceps posing, as the sign says "Australia's HOTTEST Export!" (0:54)
    Date Added: 7/28/2014
    Shannon Courtney's massively muscular legs in Clearwater Beach, FL - JOIN TanyaFitness.com today!
    Date Added: 7/25/2014
    Totally blastin' my delts at the Fitness Vault this past March - GROW TIME!
    Date Added: 7/22/2014
    Flexing & flaring those lats during an intense offseason gym shoot with Shannon Courtney (1:21)
  • Date Added: 7/19/2014
    Flexing my HUGE wheels, firm and powerful on the beach - (1:05)
    Date Added: 7/15/2014
    Pumpin' up biceps, forearms, and some sexy flexin' (0:46)
    Date Added: 7/12/2014
    Pumpin' my biceps during my workout with Shannon Courtney at Met-Rx Gym - JOIN TanyaFitness today for more! (1:15)
    Date Added: 7/09/2014
    Training HEAVY & punishing shoulders and biceps, then some sexy posing (1:40)
  • Date Added: 7/06/2014
    Making that back wide and HUGE - Strong female power!
    Date Added: 7/03/2014
    Awesome new LONG clip of flexing biceps, quads, calves and more! (2:30)
    Date Added: 6/29/2014
    Shannon crushing some SERIOUS weight in this hardcore back workout - JOIN TanyaFitness now for more!
    Date Added: 6/26/2014
    How's this for some MUSCLE CONTROL? Glutes & powerful legs! - JOIN TanyaFitness.com today! (1:03)
  • Date Added: 6/26/2014
    Flexing some BIG biceps, back, and triceps at the Fitness Vault in St. Louis MO. (1:19)
    Date Added: 6/23/2014
    You're gunna love this HOT legs clip from Powerhouse Gym - Flexin my monsta's! JOIN TanyaFitness.com now for more!
    Date Added: 6/20/2014
    Some VERY sexy posing after my intense legs & glutes workout w Tara Suzanne - JOIN TanyaFitness now for this awesome shoot! (0:53)
    Date Added: 6/20/2014
    Pushin' some BIG GIRL weights at the Fitness Vault - crushin' those delts! (1:31)
  • Date Added: 6/17/2014
    Blasting arms and delts during a March 2014 workout at the Fitness Vault in St. Louis, MO - it's GROW time!
    Date Added: 6/14/2014
    Saturday is a great day for QUADS, wouldn't you say? BOOM!
    Date Added: 6/14/2014
    Shannon Courtney flexes those magnificent monster thighs!
    Date Added: 6/11/2014
    Dani Reardon, the "Lil Monstar" flexes her HUGE muscles! - JOIN TanyaFitness for this amazing guest model! (1:30)