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  • April 17, 2014

    Today I added an amazingly sexy clip of Shannon Courtney’s calves on the Tanya, Shannon, and Rikki Smead...

  • April 15, 2014

    Clips added today on the pages of Shannon & Tanya training at Club Metrx, Shannon Courtney at Clearwater...

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  • Date Added: 4/17/2014
    Shannon Courtney's calves are just as impressive as her quads! (0:56)
    Date Added: 4/17/2014
    Modeling for the camera at iWink Studios (1:31)
    Date Added: 4/15/2014
    Shannon doing some super sexy posing at Clearwater FL beach - wow, those muscles are huge!
    Date Added: 4/15/2014
    I think you'll agree - my arms are lookin' wicked HUGE and ripped here!
  • Date Added: 4/15/2014
    My turn to work delts and arms during my first workout with Shannon Courtney
    Date Added: 4/13/2014
    Dani Reardon showing us some of the most impressive muscles we've ever seen here at TanyaFitness!
    Date Added: 4/13/2014
    Ultra sexy muscle posing from Evocative Studios - big biceps and back!
    Date Added: 4/11/2014
    Shannon Courtney's massive arms looking MOST impressive from the Tampa Pro
  • Date Added: 4/11/2014
    Puttin' up some serious weight at Powerhouse gym!
    Date Added: 4/09/2014
    Dani Reardon's HUGE upper body - sexy biceps and ripped abs! (1:24)
    Date Added: 4/09/2014
    Shannon Courtney's absolutely massive thighs flexing to the EXTREME! (1:03)
    Date Added: 4/09/2014
    Flexing my legs after leg presses during my shoot with the massive and hot Tara Suzanne (1:42)
  • Date Added: 4/07/2014
    Shannon talks about her workout, then hits some serious weights - amazing strength and power (2:19)
    Date Added: 4/07/2014
    LONG clip of some shoulder raises, followed by sexy upper body posing from the Fitness Vault! (2:30)
    Date Added: 4/07/2014
    Working my big quads during the "Blonde Trio" shoot - Tanya, Shannon, and Rikki Smead! (1:06)
    Date Added: 4/05/2014
    This one of the hottest muscle clips you'll ever see! Look at Dani's MASSIVE & VASCULAR arms & delts! (1:06)
  • Date Added: 4/05/2014
    Huge Tara Suzanne doing some hot muscle posing! (2:32)
    Date Added: 4/05/2014
    Doing a set of triceps, then some posing (1:11)
    Date Added: 4/03/2014
    Dani Reardon has leg shape that is utterly perfect, and she has the "quad flap" down too! Sexy posing! (1:16)
    Date Added: 4/03/2014
    Group photo and flexing time back stage of some of the hottest ladies in Women's Physique (1:07)