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  • September 20, 2014

    2 New Videos Added to Members Section! See 2 new videos on the page for the Fort Lauderdale...

  • September 17, 2014

    New video added to the Heavy Liftin’ with Shannon Courtney at MetRx Gym page! See Shannon work her...

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  • Date Added: 9/20/2014
    Suns out.... yeah, you know the rest! Big Biceps on the Beach!
    Date Added: 9/20/2014
    Walking along the beach is a great exercise for building BIG CALVES!
    Date Added: 9/17/2014
    Shannon shows off her tremendous power while doing preacher curls!
    Date Added: 9/15/2014
    Now THESE are some BIG, pumped up, rock hard biceps, my friends!
  • Date Added: 9/11/2014
    Here's some amazing calves.... if ya need 'em! Training hard at MetRx Gym in Costa Mesa!
    Date Added: 9/08/2014
    A big, strong, muscular back and biceps is sexy, wouldn't you say? SEXY FLEXIN in this clip! (1:00)
    Date Added: 9/05/2014
    Dani Reardon flexing her HUGE biceps - JOIN TanyaFitness.com for more!
    Date Added: 9/02/2014
    Pumping up my HUGE biceps in the hot sun - JOIN TanyaFitness.com today for more! (1:09)
  • Date Added: 9/02/2014
    Can you handle these MONSTER legs! I didn't think so. Calves, Quads, then abs & arms! (1:35)
    Date Added: 9/02/2014
    Walking the bridge, showing off huge legs! Then flexing the ENORMOUS new biceps! (1:12)
    Date Added: 8/28/2014
    WOW - Shannon's biceps are HUGE. Sexy posing on the beach! (1:22)
    Date Added: 8/25/2014
    Tanya doing some full physique posing in between sets with Shannon Courtney & Rikki - BIG MUSCLES! (1:17)
  • Date Added: 8/21/2014
    Can you handle these MONSTER calves? MASSIVE flexing at Ft. Lauderdale Beach!
    Date Added: 8/18/2014
    Working back doing pull downs, then some HUGE back & biceps flexing! (1:40)
    Date Added: 8/15/2014
    Dani Reardon's amazing back, chest, then powerful biceps - JOIN TanyaFitness today for much more Dani! (1:30)
    Date Added: 8/12/2014
    A short, but power-packed clip of BULGING sexy biceps posing - measuring around 15 inches! (0:37)
  • Date Added: 8/12/2014
    Working the quads - flexing it up on the WINDY beach. These legs are HUGE! (1:34)
    Date Added: 8/09/2014
    OH MY GOODNESS! - Look at the sheer size of Shannon Courtney's QUADS! - JOIN TanyaFitness.com today for more!
    Date Added: 8/06/2014
    Gettin' serious at the Fitness Vault - putting on SIZE on those arms! (0:51)
    Date Added: 8/03/2014
    I shot some GREAT video of the AWESOME Dani Reardon - look at those amazing legs - this is a SUPER HOT CLIP! (1:54)