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  • January 27, 2015

    Flexing Legs, Biceps, and some SEXY Photos added to TanyaFitness! Hope your week is going well, everyone! Today,...

  • January 24, 2015

    Heather Armbrust & Tanya Hyde – MASSIVE MUSCLE POWER! See 2 new amazing videos in the members section!...

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  • Date Added: 1/27/2015
    Flexing my legs in the sand always gets the calves poppin! Then some biceps, too! (1:46)
    Date Added: 1/24/2015
    Flexing my big meaty triceps and biceps at Iron Gym (0:57)
    Date Added: 1/24/2015
    The incredible glutes, triceps, and biceps of the incomparable Heather Armbrust! (1:12)
    Date Added: 1/21/2015
    Biceps galore - 15.25 inches of biceps blasting here! Not bad for this growing girl! Join TanyaFitness to see more! (1:06)
  • Date Added: 1/21/2015
    Flexing the trademarked BTM's, plus abs, on the bridge at Fashion Island! Lots of quad bouncing action here! (1:05)
    Date Added: 1/18/2015
    Gorgeous back and biceps muscle posing by Hanna Hallman - Join TanyaFitness.com today!
    Date Added: 1/18/2015
    Up-close flexing of calves, then quads, including some hot quad bouncing & flaps! (1:06)
    Date Added: 1/15/2015
    This is how you build some lower body muscle, folks! (1:30)
  • Date Added: 1/12/2015
    Some gorgeous full body posing by Heather Armbrust - AMAZING MUSCLE! (1:20)
    Date Added: 1/12/2015
    Flexing those big meaty triceps after some punishing gym work (1:11)
    Date Added: 1/09/2015
    Queen T flexing those big meaty biceps, then sexy quads! (1:22)
    Date Added: 1/06/2015
    Flexing my arms on a chilly, but gorgeous California day! (1:45)
  • Date Added: 1/06/2015
    Rikki Smead flexing her biceps on the beach at Laguna (1:31)
    Date Added: 1/03/2015
    Doing some triceps pushdowns, then some sexy flexin' in the mirror - looking ripped here! (1:58)
    Date Added: 12/31/2014
    Well...this may be one of the sexiest legs clips on TanyaFitness - Check this one out! (1:11)
    Date Added: 12/31/2014
    Shannon Courtney works her super strong and powerful legs - JOIN TanyaFitness.com today! (1:13)
  • Date Added: 12/28/2014
    Shannon does some deadlifts and shows off impressive back and incredible strength!
    Date Added: 12/28/2014
    I think you'll appreciate the size and conditioning of my calves in this clip!
    Date Added: 12/25/2014
    Check out those arms! Merry Christmas from TanyaFitness - Thanks for joining my site! - Tanya
    Date Added: 12/25/2014
    Full body flexing - peaked biceps, ripped calves, and powerful glutes