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  • March 5, 2015

    UNREAL MUSCLE! – Autumn Swansen & Shannon Courtney clips added! Phenomenal update at TanyaFitness today! First up, another...

  • March 2, 2015

    MUST SEE! One of the best physiques I’ve ever seen – New Model Autumn Swansen! From Decatur, IL,...

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  • Date Added: 3/05/2015
    New Guest Model, Autumn Swansen, and her RIDICULOUS biceps! - Join TanyaFitness today for the BEST muscle girls around!
    Date Added: 3/05/2015
    Shannon Courtney pounding out the reps with her HUGE legs! JOIN TanyaFitness.com today!
    Date Added: 3/02/2015
    MUST SEE! She said her arms looked freaky when she did this exercise - you can actually see the muscle fibers! (1:08)
    Date Added: 3/02/2015
    Biceps galore! Hard, lean, striated, with a pretty smile! (1:28)
  • Date Added: 3/02/2015
    Fun and sexy posing, massive biceps and ripped abs, and killer legs! (1:29)
    Date Added: 2/27/2015
    Crazy calves! Check out the size I've put on these bad boys! (1:06)
    Date Added: 2/27/2015
    Flexing some BIG muscles on the east coast in some sexy tight fitting shorts! (1:22)
    Date Added: 2/23/2015
    Flexing the big BTM's and calves on the beach in a offseason 2013 shoot! I've grown a lot since then! (1:07)
  • Date Added: 2/20/2015
    Shannon Courtney works her AMAZING huge legs! JOIN TanyaFitness.com today for much more!
    Date Added: 2/20/2015
    I think you're gonna like this upper body clip - 15 inch guns and triceps looking HUGE!
    Date Added: 2/17/2015
    How are these quads working for ya? Bouncin' on my STRONG 24's! (1:15)
    Date Added: 2/14/2015
    This is the BIGGEST my biceps have ever looked - and guess what.... they are getting even bigger now! (0:53)
  • Date Added: 2/14/2015
    Back and delts are looking SOLID here in this clip! (1:26)
    Date Added: 2/08/2015
    Serious muscles in the dungeon! Glutes, calves, and big quad flaps - one of the hottest clips on TanyaFitness! (1:36)
    Date Added: 2/05/2015
    Shannon Courtney quads! SO HUGE we could barely fit them thru the door! (1:16)
    Date Added: 2/02/2015
    Hanna Hallman, guest model, showing off tremendous back and biceps development - JOIN TanyaFitness now!
  • Date Added: 1/30/2015
    My HUGE quads - putting in the WERK to get them RIPPED! (1:12)
    Date Added: 1/27/2015
    Flexing my legs in the sand always gets the calves poppin! Then some biceps, too! (1:46)
    Date Added: 1/24/2015
    Flexing my big meaty triceps and biceps at Iron Gym (0:57)
    Date Added: 1/24/2015
    The incredible glutes, triceps, and biceps of the incomparable Heather Armbrust! (1:12)